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Historial de precios
Tapa del mercado
160,154,790 USD
Volumen 24 horas
30,157,438 USD
Fuente circulante
11,000,000 REP
Suministro máximo
11,000,000 REP
Resumen de Augur
Un augur era un sacerdote de la Antigua Roma que practicaba oficialmente la adivinación.
Método de consenso
Consenso de Ethereum
Estado del proyecto
Producto completamente funcional
Moneda de edad
51 months
N / A
Procesamiento en bloque
Tasa de emisión
La deflación a través de Token Burning
Tamaño de la comunidad
Fuente abierta
Jack Peterson
Equipo Memberes
13 miembro, 10 desarrolladores
Augur Noticias
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VC Giant Grayscale Investments Reports Record-Breaking Year
Venture capital firm Grayscale Investments banked a stellar 2019 to surpass the $1 billion mark in total investments.
Crypto Prediction Market and Derivatives Platform Veil Is Closing
Veil, the crypto-focused prediction market and derivatives platform, is closing its doors.
Ethereum-Based Augur Enhancement App Veil Closes Up Shop
The Ethereum-based predictions platform Veil is shutting down, according to an official Medium post on July 11.As of July 11, no new markets will be added to the platform.
Cryptocurrency Broker Client Reportedly Aims to Acquire 25% of All Bitcoin Supply
Digital currency investment firm Dadiani Syndicate has reportedly been approached by a wealthy client to buy as close to 25% of the bitcoin supply as possible, Forbes reported on May 30.The Dadiani Syndicate is a peer-to-peer network where people trade between each other with cryptocurrency.
Huobi Clamps Down on Crypto Wash Trading After Bitwise Report
Huobi Global said it does not engage in any wash trading, and has taken steps to discourage such activity in the wake of a report implying the crypto exchange reported fake trading volume.
Report: Tezos Is About to Undergo Its First Token Holder Administered Hard Fork
A governance vote of public smart contract-enabled blockchain tezos started on Feb. 28 has been concluded - as scheduled - three months later, on May 28.
IOTA Rolls Out Decentralized Transaction Validation to Replace Centralized Version
Internet of Things blockchain network Iota has completed preparations to further decentralize its transaction validation, Cointelegraph Auf Deutsch reported on May 28.
Top Coins Are Trading Sideways While Oil Reports Mixed Signals
Tuesday, May 28 - Major cryptocurrencies have continued trading sideways, reporting mixed signals at press time, according to Cointelegraph's Coin360 data.
Trading App Robinhood Set to Raise at Least $200 Million: Report
United States-based stock and crypto trading app Robinhood is set to raise at least $200 million in a new funding round, Bloomberg reported on May 24.Per the report, an unspecified source familiar with the matter told the outlet about the company's plans to raise further funding.
Bitcoin Cash reportedly suffered a 51% attack, transactions reversed
Bitcoin Cash reportedly suffered a 51% attack following its May 15 scheduled hardfork upgrade.