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«Tether» es una canción de la banda de synthpop escocesa Chvrches, de su primer álbum, The Bones of What You Believe. Un remix de la canción por parte de Eric Prydz, productor sueco conocido mundialmente por su hit «Call on Me», fue lanzado el 5 de abril de 2015.​
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After Tether, USDC dominates stablecoins with a $452 million market cap
USDC, a stablecoin developed by the Circle, is the second-largest USD-backed stablecoin on the market according to data from Skew.
Tether CTO to Tell the Story of USDT Stablecoin At Upcoming Conference
Amid ongoing lawsuits surrounding controversial stablecoin Tether, the company's CTO plans to detail the asset's background at an upcoming conference.
Bitfinex Completes Another $100M Loan Facility Repayment to Tether
Hours after experiencing a major denial of service attacks attack, Bitfinex has announced it repaid another part of the loan facility to Tether.
Tether Calls Market Manipulation Allegations 'Reckless and False'
Once again, Tether has ridiculed and dismissed allegations that it used its USDT stablecoin for manipulating Bitcoin's price.
MakerDAO and More: The Quest for a Stable Stablecoin Continues
One of a growing number of crypto tokens referred to as "Stablecoins," these cryptocurrencies are engineered to adjust their supply as the market shifts, issuing when prices rise and retracting when they drop, in an effort to keep their prices steady.
Lawyers Duke it Out Over Who Gets To Lead the Class Action Suit Against Tether
Vying to serve as lead counsel in the emerging class action with potentially tens of thousands of injured members.
Tether Stablecoin Taps Chainalysis for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Tools
Stablecoin issuer Tether is partnering with blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis to bolster its anti-money laundering tools.
Tether to Track Stablecoin Network Activity With Chainalysis Suite
Chainalysis is rolling out a global compliance solution for Tether, a Feb. 12 press release announced.
Tether Launches USDT Stablecoin on Algorand Blockchain
Leading stablecoin operator Tether launched its U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin USDT on the Algorand proof-of-stake blockchain.
USDT Moves Every Eight Days on Average, Data Shows
Recent data from crypto data site Coin Metrics shows USDT tokens change locations every eight days on average.