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«Tether» es una canción de la banda de synthpop escocesa Chvrches, de su primer álbum, The Bones of What You Believe. Un remix de la canción por parte de Eric Prydz, productor sueco conocido mundialmente por su hit «Call on Me», fue lanzado el 5 de abril de 2015.​
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Plaintiffs Combine Their Market-Manipulation Lawsuits Against Bitfinex and Tether
Plaintiffs in three separate putative class action lawsuits against Bitfinex and Tether have moved to consolidate their cases, according to a Thursday court filing.
Tether Claims to Be Okay With Merger of Class-Action Lawsuits Against It
Currently facing multiple lawsuits, cryptocurrency stablecoin issuer Tether received a request from prosecutors asking for consolidation, combining three lawsuits into one, which Tether has not denied.
BTCPay Server Now Processing Blockstream's Liquid Assets
Blockstream's Liquid sidechain is now integrated with BTCPay Server, the self-hosted bitcoin payment processor.
The Race to Lead 3 Class-Action Suits Against IFinex Over 2017 BTC Bull Run Is On
One legal team looks to lead the three ongoing suits against IFinex alleging that illegal conduct involving iFinex's subsidiaries Tether and Bitfinex was behind Bitcoin's 2017 bull run.
Booking.com-Partnered Travala Now Accepts Tether's Controversial USDT
Crypto-friendly hotel booking giant Travala now accepts payment from a controversial cryptocurrency leader.
Bitfinex Market Manipulation Lawsuit Refiled in New York and Joined by Second Case
An Oct. 10 class-action lawsuit filed against iFinex Inc., the parent company of Bitfinex and Tether, was refiled on Jan. 8 in New York's Southern District.
A Lawsuit Alleging Tether and Bitfinex Manipulated the Bitcoin Market Has Been Dropped
A class-action lawsuit alleging Tether and Bitfinex manipulated the bitcoin market has been withdrawn by the plaintiffs.
Crypto Trading Privacy Gets a Boost as $15M of Tether Moves to Liquid Sidechain
At 11:27 UTC on Jan. 7, stablecoin issuer Tether conducted a cross-chain swap of some 15 million USDT reserves from ethereum to Blockstream's Liquid, a federated sidechain running parallel to the bitcoin blockchain.
CORRECTED: Bitcoin Price Jumps $200 in One Hour
UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the supply of tether had surged $500 million in five minutes, based on data from CoinMarketCap.
Stanford Prof Darrell Duffie on Our Big Stablecoin Future
In October, at a distinguished Group of Thirty event, Duffie gave a presentation alongside Libra co-creator David Marcus and Bank for International Settlements general manager Agustin Carstens on the impact of stablecoins on banking systems.