Plz No Cat: The Future of Crypto Disputes Is Being Decided By Doges

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That's the idea behind a new game launched by Kleros, an ethereum-based startup that raised $2.5 million in the first round of its crypto token sale in July.

While you might expect "Doges on Trial" to be much the same - just a fun activity to bring some lightheartedness to crypto - actually Kleros has much bigger, more serious use cases in mind for its decentralized dispute resolution protocol.

Spotting fake news, resolving disputes on gig economy and e-commerce platforms, and helping ratings platforms curate their lists are all within the scope of Kleros' mission.

Rather than building their own dispute resolution mechanisms Ast hopes projects will delegate that aspect to Kleros.

If the image is challenged - because it lacks a doge, is a duplicate, or contains a cat - it goes before a jury of three users, who have made a deposit of Kleros' PNK token.

The ultimate decision as to whether the picture below contains an illicit cat will be left up to Coopérative Kleros, the legal entity behind the platform's development.

If Kleros proves its mettle with Doges on Trial, Ast said, the platform could serve as an arbitration layer for swathes of the blockchain ecosystem.

"Our vision is to tell all of these guys, just focus on your platform, on your product, and just delegate arbitration to Kleros."

In March, the Kleros team said it would integrate the platform with Ink Protocol, a cryptocurrency payment and reputation system built on ethereum.

The decentralized prediction market Augur shares Kleros' goal of "Keeping people honest on the blockchain through game theory," according to Kleros crypto economics researcher William George, in a recent blog post.