You Can Now Get a Master's in Blockchain From a School in Malta

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The University of Malta's Masters Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology began its inaugural semester this October, with around 35 students enrolled in the island nation's only DLT-specific masters program - one of the few such programs around the world.

When, in April 2017, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat unveiled plans for Malta to become a"Global trail-blazer" in blockchain technology, it stood in stark contrast to most world governments' reactions to DLT, many of whom were lagging - then as now - in how to proceed.

Masters Program Director Joshua Ellul, who also heads Malta's Digital Innovation Authority, told CoinDesk that in addition to the 15 companies who have already reached out to his DLT students, there's high demand for government-run blockchain contracts, projects and initiatives.

"The future Blockchain and DLT specialists - who will lead and drive the Blockchain Island forward."

The course trains students in blockchain law and regulation, business and finance, and information and communications technology.

The masters' program now gives students a thorough framework in their target discipline with a smattering of useful if hyper-specific tools in other blockchain fields.

While the program might make smart contract gurus of the ICT-track students, it will also work to improve the knowledge of those less technically-minded students required to take the course, he said.

Jessica Borg, a graduate of the University of Malta's law and business programs who returned to study blockchain regulation part-time, will be taking the class in coming semesters.

Borg is a corporate and financial services manager at Grant Thornton Malta, where she said she has seen the impact of the government's wooing of blockchain firms.

Ellul, the program director, acknowledged that it can be difficult to design and launch a masters program for a field so rapidly evolving, in business practices, regulation and technology.