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Does Correlation Between Bitcoin Price and Altcoins Mean Buy the Dips?
Over the past week NEM and Tezos posted amazing double-digit gains, raising the idea that altcoins and Bitcoin bull periods may be correlated.
Crypto Games, a Market in the Making of Its Own Fortune
Since the release of a game called CryptoKitties in November 2017, the concept of nonfungible tokens has been rooted in the minds of developers and crypto investors alike.
Bitcoin plummets to key support as analysts eye potential further downside
Bitcoin bulls were surprised to see the benchmark cryptocurrency plummet to below $10,000 yesterday, which this drop marking a bearish resolution to the tight trading range the crypto had previously been caught within in the lower-$10,000 region.
Will Bitcoin Price Finally Conquer $10K? Here Are 3 Things to Consider
Bitcoin bulls were celebrating the digital asset's recent surge above $10,000 for the first time this decade, but the smiles were short-lived as Bitcoin failed to hold above $10K for a meaningful amount of time.
David Marcus and His Calibrated Effort to Save Libra
Marcus is currently the head of Calibra, a subsidiary of Facebook and the official wallet provider for the Libra cryptocurrency.
Keep Calm and Work Hard: The Story of Binance's CEO From A to CZ
In the 2019 bear market, he managed to keep Binance's position as one of the leading crypto exchanges by launching its first initial exchange offering in January, developing its native blockchain Binance Chain, running a decentralized trading platform, launching a United States trading desk, and keeping it competitive with Binance's futures trading platform - to cite just a few developments.
Why Bison Trails Is Staying the Course on Libra
Viktor Bunin is a protocol specialist at Bison Trails, a company that offers one-click access to various blockchain nodes.
Chinese Quarantines Cash To Stop Coronavirus, Not an Issue With Bitcoin
It has been reported that China has started a quarantine of its used bank notes to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Under the Justin Sun: A Closer Look at the Tron Empire
Born in China's Qinghai Province, 29-year-old Justin Sun is the founder and CEO of Tron, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world.
Top 5 Cryptos This Week: LINK, HT, XTZ, ETH, NEO
Will these top performers track BTC/USD lower or does their chart suggest higher levels in the next few days? Let's find out.
Brad Garlinghouse: The Tech Maverick Rippling Through Finance
Earlier this year, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse responded to controversy surrounding XRP movements by saying that Ripple cannot control the price of its associated token any more than Bitcoin whales control the price of the seminal cryptocurrency.
Elizabeth Stark: From Human Rights to Humanity's Decentralized Future
After more than a decade of Bitcoin's existence, Satoshi Nakamoto, author of Bitcoin's white paper back in 2008, remains the most mysterious person within the crypto community.
The Three Cs of Joseph Lubin: Construct, Contribute, ConsenSys
Canadian entrepreneur and software engineer Joseph Lubin helped spearhead the development of the open-source smart contract blockchain platform that came to be known as Ethereum.
Building Up a Base for Crypto: The Story of Coinbase's Brian Armstrong
At the helm of Coinbase since founding it with Fred Ehrsam in 2012, Brian Armstrong has weathered rough storms of compliance law to operate the largest crypto exchange active in the United States.
The Mind Behind the "World Computer": Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been unassailable in his mission to build the "World Computer." Since piecing together a revolutionary white paper in 2013, the soft-spoken genius behind the Ethereum project and Ether cryptocurrency has been a steady advocate for the democratizing capacity of decentralized networks.
DeFi Begins to Move From a Sub-niche Market to Mainstream Finance
With the increasing level of activity in the market sector, the next logical progression appears to be focused on making DeFi solutions more mainstream.
Bitcoin Price Falls to $9.6K Amid Bloody Sunday for XRP, ETH, Altcoins
Bitcoin price has fallen further dropping about $300 in less than one hour on Sunday, Feb. 16, though paring some losses since with a bounce from $9,600 to $9,790 at press time.
A TON of Challenges: Resistance Is Nothing New to Pavel Durov
The serial entrepreneur announced and made moves to release the Telegram Open Network, or TON - the blockchain associated with his Telegram messaging app.
Bakkt to the Senate: How Loeffler Became One of Crypto's Most Influential
Thus, in 2018, Loeffler entered the crypto industry by becoming the CEO of Bakkt, a digital assets platform launched by ICE and backed by Microsoft and Starbucks, among other investors.
Privacy Laws Are Only as Effective as the Companies Implementing Them
Before he dropped out of the race, John Delaney proposed the U.S. adopt a law similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act, which gives greater agency to consumers when it comes to limiting companies collecting of their data.
Binance Set to Launch NEO/USDT Futures With Up to 50x Leverage
Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it is about to launch a new futures product tracking crypto asset NEO.Per the announcement published on Feb. 16, the NEO/USDT futures will be launched on Feb. 17 and traders will be able to select leverage between 1x and 50x. The fees that the exchange imposes on trades of the contract in question are a 2% base initial margin rate, 1% base maintenance margin rate and a 0.5% liquidation fee.
Craig Wright Threatens BTC Core and BCH With Potential Lawsuits
Craig Wright, who claims to be the Bitcoin creator known as Satoshi Nakamoto, has warned the BTC Core and BCH communities to stop using the Bitcoin database in order to avoid potential lawsuits.
A big Bitfinex Bitcoin whale is anticipating a severe correction, will he be right?
A Bitcoin whale on Bitfinex who identifies as Joe007 has been consistent in calling for a steep correction in the market since the $9,000s.
Mind the Gap: Why ETH Price and DeFi Adoption Aren't in Sync
Eth deposits in DeFi lending & price, 2019-2020.In his 1991 book, "Crossing the Chasm," management consultant Geoffrey Moore defined a crucial gap between the early adopters of a new technology and the larger populations of users that come later.
MoneyGram Reveals Real-Time Remittance Tech, Based on Visa not Ripple
Remittances giant MoneyGram announced a new service allowing real-time money sending, but the solutions of its blockchain partner Ripple are not involved.
Ethereum is on the cusp of a bear cross, placing it in dangerous territory
Ethereum's insane rally throughout the past few weeks has allowed ETH to be one of the best performing major altcoins so far this year, only with a couple of smaller altcoins seeing gains that can rival it.
Bitcoin Price Drop Nets Bitfinex 'Whale' $10 Million in 5 Minutes
Late Saturday night on Feb. 15, Bitcoin price briefly reclaimed the $10K mark after a tumultuous day of trading that saw the price drop 5.35% to $9,853.
Steemit is the latest company to be acquired by TRON, but investors aren't enthused
The Justin Sun-led blockchain company TRON has been on a spending spree, acquiring major blockchain companies and announcing a plethora of notable partnerships in an effort to craft utility around their blockchain and subsequently provide value for the TRX token.
Not All Central Banks Have an Interest in CBDCs
The recent survey results published by the Bank of International Settlements produced bullish and bearish sentiments with regard to Central Bank Digital Currency adoption.
Governor: Colorado Startups Have Raised $50M in Venture Capital
Gov. Jared Polis image via CoinDesk video.